Member Monday: Chris Liu

Published January 17, 2022

Member Monday: January 17th, 2022

This week's Member Monday features Chris Liu. Although he's recently joined the team, he's creating impact and making sure that things run smoothly in our lab. Here's a little bit about Chris!

Q: Where are you based?

Chris: I'm working remotely from Hong Kong, waiting to join my colleagues in Tokyo!

Q: How long have you been at Rakuten? And why did you join the company?

Chris: I joined Rakuten in October 2021, so it's been about 4 months. Prior to my position here, I was in academia for 6 years, working as a researcher. I find the topic of autonomous networks very fascinating, so this is a great opportunity for me. I also believe that it is the right place where I can learn and grow professionally because of its forward-thinking mentality and innovative mindset. 

Q: What does your day look like at the Rakuten Mobile Innovation Studio?

Chris: I'm a bit of an early riser, waking up at 5 am. I go for an outdoor workout session to jump start my body. Then,  I indulge in a good Hong Kong-style breakfast before work (YUM!). Then for the rest of the day, I am glued to the computer, engaging in all sorts of challenging tasks. 

Q: Do you have a favorite quote? 

Chris: I do! Brazilian Formula One World Champion, Ayrton Senna da Silva, once said, "Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose”. 

Q: Do you have a favorite language? 

Chris: Programming languages!  And I'm also learning Japanese right now. It's going quite well.